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About Product :

Ayadic Medical was founded in 1995 and started as a small company in Riyadh. With a successful medical reputation in Saudi Arabia, we have maintained a gradual improvement in both finance and staff, giving us a boost in the booming supply market for good and innovative medical instruments.

It was initially a simple local business with a lack of many relationships, and we expanded into more areas of biotechnology that gave us an appropriate amount of funding to do our business internationally. We revised our organizational charts and renewed contracts with well-known companies and our market research showed that Saudi Arabia was a very stable place for distribution and professional marketing. With headquarters in Riyadh, we have penetrated the market with reactionary efficiency and patience.

Thanks to our highly qualified staff and dedication to this company, we were able to start recovering our profits in the second quarter of the first year, achieving steady (and sometimes double) growth in sales and profits in the years to come.

With the continuously established private hospitals and hospitals throughout the Kingdom, we have systematically focused our attention on R & D in the untapped technological sectors here. This is the way that has helped us to achieve the stability we are currently living in. The medical field is divided into more complex sections and gives us the excitement and interaction to seize that opportunity, professionally.