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About Product :

IDS-1100, the dermatoscope with excellent optics and bright illumination Dermoscopy requires a high-quality magnifying lens and likewise high quality light sources that can help with examining skin structures and patterns. The

  • Excellent optical quality
  • 25mm lens with 22mm large field of view
  • very optimized light illumination (32 LEDs)
of IDS-1100 series guarantee you the best performace during your dermoscopy examinations. IDS-1100, the Hybrid dermatoscope with cross and parallel polarization light. Unlike non-polarized dermatoscopes, which always require contact with the skin and the use of an interface medium(oil immersion), IDS-1100 uses cross-polarized light to reduce surface light scatter.It means, you can examine multiple lesions with IDS-1100 quickly without the need to coat the patient in copious amounts of oil or interface fluid. On the other hand, if you want to use oil immersion during your examination, you also can use it with IDS-1100. IDS-1100 can produce images by both oil immersion and cross-polarization.
  • Polarized light contact dermoscopy (PCD)
  • Polarized light non-contact dermoscopy (PNCD)
  • Non-polarized light contact dermoscopy (NPD)
  • Non-polarized light non-contact dermoscopy
The capabilities of NPD, PCD and PNCD are not equivalent but complementary. Therefore hybrid dermatoscope IDS-1100 with all the capabilities will be a valuable tool in your diagnosis of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions.